About Us

The School

Gateway opens its doors to children at 2 ½ years, providing an opportunity for them to develop from Play Group up to ALs and beyondin a purpose built campus environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The children grow through a holistic all-round learning ethos supported by a team of qualified and well experienced teachers and educators.

In academics, Gateway College continues to achieve unparalleled success with many students securing High Achiever Awards and World prizes every year, at the Edexcel Awards ceremonies, every year. Gateway has also excelled in sports, drama, co-curricular activities and community service winning many accolades for outstanding achievements.

Every child has the opportunity to receive a truly world class education in a disciplined, spiritual and morally uplifting school environment upholding Sri Lankan values and the diversity of our culture. This makes Gateway College a unique learning experience.


Founded by Mr. R. I. T. Alles, a renowned Educationist, with over five decades of service in education, both in the public and private sectors, the organisation has progressed at great speed guided by sound principles, values, and love.

Being a teacher of Royal College, Colombo, then, the Founder Principal of D.S.Senanayake College, Colombo, and finally the State Secretary of Education overlooking all schools in the island, late Mr. Alles brought in a wealth of experience to this establishment. Further, his initial training in Cambridge and the subsequent exposure by way of a scholarship awarded by the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa to study school systems in more than ten developed countries helped him to lay the foundation to a truly international organisation.

Message by Mr. R.I.T.Alles issued in 2007

"Parents are children's first and most lasting carers. Every parent aspires for his children to be worthy citizens. Children have a remarkable ability to learn. They want to learn to fulfil their dreams. Be it the aspirations of parents or the dreams of children, they all seek a "Gateway" to reach their goals. We strive to be that "Gateway" to our parents and children.

The four stakeholders in a school are the teachers, parents, the students and the Alumni. It is my wish and vision that these four categories will always have a sense of belonging to each other. For this, one category to the other, they should work hand in hand, always upholding a pervading sense of love and understanding."





Dr Harsha Alles is a Medical Doctor by profession and holds an M.B., B.S., and a Ph.D. He was a Lecturer in the Medical Faculty of the University of Colombo before he shifted his career to be in charge of Gateway. He is credited with placing the Gateway brand on the map as a provider of technology-based, high-quality education through a large network of institutions that include 5 International Schools, 2 National Curriculum Schools, a Graduate School, and over 12 training centres spread across the country. Some of Gateway’s educational programmes have been used in twelve countries in three continents. Gateway also has a group of Kindergartens in the UK. Dr Alles is also a Director of the Universal College Lanka that offers the Monash University programmes in Sri Lanka.

He has won two “Young Scientists Scholarship” Awards and a Presidential Award for Research. In 2000, he was recognised as “The Outstanding Young Person of the Year” for the contribution he made towards IT education of children. In 2003, he was adjudged the Gold Winner of the CIMA Pinnacle Awards to be the “Outstanding Businessman of the Year”. In April 2018, the Chartered Management Institute named him the “Best CEO of the Year” in the services category of large organisations.

Dr Alles was also the architect in setting up The International Schools of Sri Lanka (TISSL) as its Founder Chairman. TISSL is the umbrella organisation consisting of the leading international schools in Sri Lanka.

He also represents Sri Lanka in the Advisory Committee of IC3 – The International Career and College Counseling Conference.

Dr Alles has just been appointed as a member of the National Education Commission by His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka. He currently serves also as a member of the “Task Force for Education” that has been established under the Ministry of Education for the implementation of new education reforms in the country.

Chairman’s message

In this changing world, parental expectations are certainly different to what they would have been in the distant past. I see the mandate of the school – especially when it comes to the senior students – as two-fold; one, to prepare them for university and two, to prepare them for life. Schools in general put in a lot of effort to prepare students for university but tend to neglect focusing on what a child will do with the education they receive. When students are close to graduating, exam results become the main focus of both parents and students. Following this current trend where academics become either the sole or most important factor in securing a place at university, it is unfortunate to see a student’s life purely directed towards preparing for exams.

It is within such a background that the tuition industry has begun to thrive. In trying to meet the demand of parents, many private schools too have a tendency to focus on exams which make schools nothing more than glorified tutories. In this backdrop, I am pleased that Gateway College – whilst understanding the importance of examinations and results, which is highlighted in our outstanding results in this annual review – has not deviated from its core value of providing a holistic education.

The importance of providing a well-rounded education is vital for the next most important thing that schools are responsible for, which is to prepare students for life. Over the years, my appreciation of our Founder’s vision in this respect has grown and is continuing to grow further. I feel the aspect of preparing students for life is far more challenging than preparing students for university. With fast deteriorating values in society, we as educators have to understand the importance of this aspect as this should be the principal difference between schools and tutories.

Introducing the theme for this year, “Show respect, Earn respect,” I am pleased that the management and teachers took a very different approach to what that theme would mean for the school. In a South Asian setting, “respect” is perceived to be a bottom-up approach. At Gateway College, while we are very pleased that the Sri Lankan culture of students showing respect has been preserved, the purpose of this theme was to also highlight that teachers and management showing respect towards students is just as important. During this year, many meaningful steps were taken to ensure that this theme was upheld by both students and teachers. Further, the way the organisation responded to the unfortunate events in April, ensuring that all students learn about all religions in addition to their own religion, proved that the Gateway family is committed to building trust and respect.

When going about a routine, one rarely has time to reflect on the impact the school creates through the ethos of the institution. This year, I had the privilege of attending the formation of the international alumni branch of Gateway College in Australia. To be able to attend and witness that the students of Gateway College are not only exceptionally skilled but are still rooted in their culture and values even after basing their lives abroad, showed me the contribution we have made towards producing well rounded members of society. Seeing these past pupils of Gateway College upholding the values of our school and maintaining the humility and patriotism the school has taught them made me realise and appreciate even more the impact the school has and continues to have in determining the calibre and character of our future citizens.


Mrs Rohini Alles is an inspirational leader of education for succeeding in different roles in different settings. She started her career as a teacher of the largest school in the country, Royal College Colombo, became the Deputy Principal of a co-ed government school, President’s College, and finally supported her husband, late Mr R I T Alles to establish one of the best international schools, Gateway College, from bottom up within a span of only twenty years.

Being an active teacher and administrator, Mrs Alles focused on the discipline and the holistic development of the students. This dual focus was instrumental in elevating the standard of the schools she was involved in. In early years of Gateway, Mrs Alles also concentrated on developing leadership skills of the students as well as the usage of English Language in the school environment. This focus made the students more confident and engaged in school activities.

Concentrating on these areas of pastoral care, Mrs Alles ensured that the students were independent, confident, and ready to take on higher challenges.

Elegantly and impeccably dressed at all times, Mrs Alles, has the ability to walk with kings yet not lose the common touch. She is equally comfortable talking to a Head of State as well as the school gardener. Her “firm, friendly, and fair” principle that supersedes every action taken by her made it possible for her to be respected even by those who opposed her.

Especially in an era where female empowerment is encouraged and celebrated, Mrs Alles’ experience during her lifetime, is an inspiration to all teachers and educators.

Message by Mrs. Rohini Alles

"In a co-educational institution with a religious and cultural mix, one would expect to have many challenges. To us, these challenges are small because we confront them and not evade them. I am a believer that the word 'impossible', is often just an excuse we make for ourselves. Real service cannot be bought or measured with money. Let's remember these thoughts in making Gateway the beacon light for our children."


Mrs Dinali Alles counts over 36 years of experience in education. As a trained teacher of English she served the Government of Sri Lanka for 21 years before she took up duties at Gateway.

She has made an immense contribution to laying down processes and adopting Global Best Practices in teaching at Gateway College. She keeps a close eye on Gateway Primary Schools’ drawing on her vast experience as a teacher and administrator. As a Director of Gateway College, she is actively involved in the Management of the school in Colombo and also takes a personal interest to ensure maintenance of standards and quality as expected by the Board.

Message by Mrs. Dinali Alles

"Being among loving and cheerful children at Gateway has truly fulfilled my life. My stay so far at Gateway has been pleasant and rewarding and I look forward to work together and work for one another to take Gateway to further heights. I am a believer that the greatest gift I can give another is the purity of my attention."


Mr Asoka Banda Herath has over 50 years of practical experience in education in Sri Lanka. He started his teaching profession as a special trained teacher in Mathematics and retired as the Principal of Dharmaraja College, Kandy, which he elevated into becoming the most sought-after Government boys’ school outside Colombo.

Mr Herath served Dharmaraja College for over 30 years in various roles, as an Advanced Level teacher, sub warden of the hostel, coach and master in charge of cricket, Deputy Principal and finally as the Principal, even beyond retirement, at the request of the Parents and the Old Boys Association of the school.

As the Principal of Gateway College Kandy, Mr Herath was instrumental in transforming the school into the most prestigious English medium private school in Kandy. When he took over the school in 2001, it was a little-known school having less than 400 students on its roll. The school is lauded today for excellent academic and curricular record, with student enrolment exceeding 1,300. It is Mr Herath’s sound, down-to-earth practical wisdom, loyalty and unremitting hard work which made that transformation.

Mr Herath is held in high esteem as a “father figure” in view of the width and the depth of his experience in the Field of Education and Educational Administration. He also has won great respect for the way in which Gateway College Kandy has won recognition and prestige during the years of his stewardship. Mr Herath’s gift for resolving problems of parents, teachers, students and support staff without the flaring-up of open acrimony is an invaluable gift in a head of an institution, and therefore is highly admired by all who work with him.

Message by Mr. Asoka Herath

"My time at Gateway has truly been the crown and climax of a long and varied career in education. The fresh and vigorous atmosphere at Gateway, inspired by our Founding Father and great Guru Mr. R.I.T Alles, its unique and fertile blend of the best of the East & West, Its rare simultaneous awareness of tradition, today, and the future, and above all, its nurturing blend of down-to-earth practicality and warm human love has made work at Gateway a true labour of love ; and to be a part of its spectacular growth to national eminence in the field of education, a deeply – satisfying experience.”


With seven years experience in the corporate sector of Sri Lanka, Mr Ramantha Alles is the most recent addition to the Gateway Group’s Board of Directors. Educated in the United States of America, he completed his degree with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and in Business Administration. Upon his return to Sri Lanka, he began his career at Apogee Holdings, a diverse group of companies involved in telecommunication, fire protection, and media industries, overseeing the group’s daily operations at an upper management level. In addition, he functions as a working director of Springfield College, an English Medium National Curriculum School that is fully-owned by the Gateway Group.


Mrs Nirmali Wickremesinghe
Consultant to the Gateway Group of Schools

Mrs Nirmali Wickremesinghe joined the Gateway Group of Schools in 2014. She brought with her many years of experience as a teacher in both state and private schools in Sri Lanka, international schools overseas and as a principal of a highly respected private girls’ school. She is recognised as an educator who transformed the learning approach to be enjoyable to students while ensuring the holistic development of the child. She enjoys a fine reputation as an innovative educationist who was able to infuse life and vitality to the Sri Lankan National Curriculum. She has, thereby, brought in many new perspectives and best practices to make education even more dynamic at Gateway.

As a Consultant to all Gateway schools, Mrs Wickremesinghe plays a key role in formulating policies, developing curriculum, and textbooks, professionally developing teachers and acting as counsel to the heads of Gateway schools. She also personally spearheaded the pilot project for Global Perspectives, for which Gateway College was selected by Cambridge International Examinations UK.

Heads of Schools

Mrs. Vinita Shenoy
Principal Gateway College Rajagiriya

Mrs Vinita Shenoy stands in front of over 30 years of experience in handling tutorials and teaching, both in India and Sri Lanka. She joined Gateway College in June 2010 and since then has risen up the ranks to Principal.

Mrs Shenoy is a firm believer in “Education for all”, especially for the girl child and for the less privileged. Education, to her, encompasses all aspects of life and the teacher plays the most important role – of a role-model, cheerleader and friend.

As a Principal, she stands committed to take forward the vision of the Founder, as well as the Chairman and the Board of Directors. Having played an active role in Gateway’s journey in becoming one of Sri Lanka’s top International Schools, she is now looking forward to usher the school in to its next level of excellence. Mrs Vinita Shenoy is a graduate in Commerce and also in Teaching Technology, whilst holding an MBA in HR. In addition she has done her Diploma in Computer Science and also in Human Rights. Mrs Shenoy is a nurturer by nature, hence loves being with children. She is an ardent lover of nature and is one of the few qualified teachers of Ikebana in Sri Lanka, from the Sogetsu School of Japan.

With her nurturing nature, she encourages students, staff and parents to the best of her ability.

Mr. Gladwin Canagasabey
Principal Gateway College Kandy

Mr Gladwin Canagasabey started his educational career in 1988 as a graduate teacher of Botany and Agriculture. Later, he joined the Eastern University of Sri Lanka as the Head of Sports and Physical Education where he served for 11 years. Whilst at the Eastern University, he also served as a visiting lecturer in Child Psychology and Educational Psychology. In 2004, he was appointed Headmaster of S. Thomas’ College, Gurutalawa, where he founded and implemented the preschool and bilingual medium of education. Later he joined Trinity College, Kandy as the Vice-Principal, where he served from 2007 to 2014. Prior to joining Gateway College, he was Registrar at the prestigious General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Ratmalana. Mr Canagasabey also served as the Manager of Hillwood College, Kandy and was on the Advisory Board of the Church Missionary Schools (CMSC) in Sri Lanka.

Mr Canagasabey holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Honours Degree) from the Eastern University of Sri Lanka and a Master of Science in Organisational Management from the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. He had also completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology at the Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology and Post Graduate Diploma in Education at the National Institute of Education in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, he obtained a Merit Pass in "Diploma in Child Psychology" at the American College of Higher Education and Post Graduate Diploma in Management at the Open University of Sri Lanka. His career in education and administration spans over a period of 29 years, during which time, he has made important strides within the education system in Sri Lanka with emphasis on pastoral care.

Mrs. Devika Alldis’
Principal Gateway College Negombo

Mrs Devika Alldis’s career in education spans over 25 years in government and international schools. She has taught English Language, English Literature and Western Classical Civilisation at both International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and GCE Advanced Level. Additionally, she has been a Teacher Trainer, Examination Officer and a Visiting University Lecturer. In 2008, she was appointed as Headmistress of Gateway College Negombo.

Her dynamism and energy have contributed greatly for the rapid progress of the establishment and her ability to hold the entire school community together as a family has been the hallmark of her success. Mrs Alldis holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

She was professionally trained at the Teacher Training College, Peradeniya and with TEFL from University of Toronto.

Mrs. Priyanthi Seneviratne
Principal Gateway Colleges Dehiwala and Ratmalana

After obtaining her BA from the University of Kelaniya, Mrs Priyanthi Seneviratne began her professional career at Ladies’ College, Colombo. She counts over 17 years of experience at Ladies’, teaching Greek and Roman Civilisation and English for Advanced Level classes. She was the Head of the English Department at Ladies’ for eight years and a member of the staff council.

She was responsible for curriculum development in English Language and Literature at both Primary and Secondary levels. Under her direction, Ladies’ College maintained its reputation for English literary excellence.

Later, Mrs Seneviratne took up the challenges of the corporate sector for 12 years. Under her leadership, the regional office of The Chartered Institute of Marketing UK (CIM Sri Lanka), won the international award for “Best CIM Region” four times.

Mrs Seneviratne re-entered academia in 2011, serving as Principal of a leading international school. Three years later, she joined Gateway College.

Group Coordinators

Surani Maithripala, BSc, MBA
Team Leader – Change Management

Surani graduated in Computer Science from the Metropolitan University, UK and holds an MBA from the University of Jayewardenepura with a specialization in Human Resource Management. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of education both in Sri Lanka and Singapore. She is involved with driving technology for education in our schools. She believes that technology is a powerful tool for transforming learning for both educators and students. She also advocates the safe use of technology and conducts workshops on Digital Citizenship for our students.

She is a passionate lifelong learner, and is a Certified Microsoft Educator (MCE) and is also a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEExpert) and MIE Fellow and was selected to represent Sri Lanka at the Education Exchange Summit 2018 in Singapore.

She is also a co-author of the Computer Pioneers textbooks used by Gateway College, that are endorsed by Edexcel Pearson UK and NCC UK.

Manjari Tennakoon. MA
Team Leader - Curriculum Development

Manjari has a MA in English Literature and a Post Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of English from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India. At heart a classroom teacher, she is currently engaged in working with other teachers on curriculum and delivery, in order to enhance the teaching and learning in classrooms beyond her own.

Occasionally a material developer, Manjari has co-authored the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Textbook for English Language A and the online Teacher Resources for Edexcel International Advance Level English Literature. A firm believer in the limitless potential of each and every person to learn, change and grow, Manjari is equally invested in developing skills both personal and professional, a trait that she belives all educators should encourage and support not only in their students but in their colleagues as well.

Pubudu Wijesinghe, BSc, MBA
Team Leader - Higher Education

Pubudu is passionate about providing well rounded guidance to help students choose higher education pathways that match their skills and aspirations. She firmly believes in the enormous potential a compassionate and well-informed adult has in helping a young person succeed in study, work and life.

With over 15 years of experience in the education management industry,she possesses skills in educational technology, curriculum development, international education, and student counselling.

Pubudu holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Metropolitan University, UK and an MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. She has also completed a Diploma in Child Psychology at the American College of Higher Education.

Thilaka Jinadasa
Team Leader - Sports Development

Thilaka is an internationally accredited netball coach with over 22 years’ experience in Sri Lanka, Brunei and Maldives. She holds the international license for netball coaching Level 1/2/3 from Western Australian Netball Inc/ Netball Singapore and the international license for strength and conditioning from Australian Sports Commission, both from Australia. She has led the Sri Lanka netball team to win the Asian Championship twice as the National Coach. Not only she is a coach, she is also a skilled administrator in sports. During her stay in Brunei, she laid a strong foundation for netball by popularizing the game in the country and played a major role in advising the authorities to setting up the platform.

Thilaka, was the first female athlete to take part in Olympics representing Sri Lanka and was also the vice-captain of the national netball team. In 1988, she was honored with the ‘Deshabandu’ title at the National Heroes’ Day for her exceptional commitments towards the sport in Sri Lanka. She was the first female athlete to be honored with this title. Being an athlete, a coach and an administrator at all levels, she has a wide vision in developing sports among the younger generation.

She is passionate in capitalizing the resources of the school enabling the students to reach their full potential in sports. She believes at Gateway, sport is a tool which is readily available for any student to strike the mental and physical health.